Heard you at the Birch Street Bistro. So into your jazz groove! I hope to hear of other gigs there or elsewhere. Thanks so much for bringing your music to the people!
My friend Larry and I just heard you play at Chianti (Beverly, MA) this past Saturday 3/16/19. Do you always play with that incredibly high level of enthusiasm and intensity? Obviously, you've made me into a huge fan. Best, Jeff.
Love your music. Just saw you and the Love Dogs on Rhode Island public TV. I played The alto sax in high school but never sounded like you! I will keep up with your calendar and perhaps I can see you live. Have you ever performed at Scullers in Boston?
Hi, I've found you "randomly" on Apple Music. Lovint it ! Valéry (from France)
One Never Knows is outstanding. I'll listen over and over!
Keep up the great work. Do you and/or the Love Dogs ever make any trips down to Florida? A lot of us transplanted northeasterers down here.
Denny Farrell from Chicago here Great to see all is going good. I appreciate your thoughts on Late Night Chicago Radio. Good music is alive and well. Thanks for stopping in. I'm looking forward to your promotional CD Denny Farrell Sustain the excellent job !! Lovin' it!
See you on the 22nd.
Nice name by the way but I play the clarinet
I haven't seen you for a while. Where's your next gig? I love your music.
Saw you at Scullers on 11/20/14. What a wonderful performance.
great to see a woman sax player really swing!!
Being a fairly new player, I never knew that a Meyer mouthpiece could sound so awesome. Loved your sets at Chianti - keep it up!
You really make that old Selmer sing!
I am a volunteer with the North Shore Jazz Project abd have seen you perform a couple of times at Chianti's. You are awesome and have been telling friends about you. Happy Holidays.
You can make that saxaphone sing!! I look forward to seeing you again @ CHIANTI on the 17th of Dec.
Just wanted to say how much Harriet and I enjoyed your performance at Sculler's the other night! Each one of your guys were terrific and you and Elan were outstanding individually and especially together rocking the house...a great evening of music!
So good to hear the sounds clips Myanna. Hope you are still doing well!
PS: I neglected to mention that along with Monk and Mingus, Dex is my hero. I always have "Round Midnight" soundtrack with me (and DVD close by at home!)
Hi Myanna! I enjoyed hearing you tonight! I tried to find you on Facebook without luck, so here I am. By the way (!?!) some of us are trying to organize an action on behalf of the kids on hunger strikes in support of the Dream Act. Are you available this weekend, and are you interested? Janet
FYI this is the dance school for adult tap. It would be very cool if your partner joined us! We have a lot of fun.
Your gig tonight at Chianti was outstanding!
Myanna, it was great to meet you and Linda at Susan's party last weekend. I love this album...I'm on my second listen now and am really enjoying getting to know it. Gorgeous El Chillin at the Lake right now. Hoping to hear you at a live gig sometime. -julie mck
Hi Myanna!:-) Found out about you through Elan Trotman, an Artist we have worked with & featured on our GLOBAL Platfom, your music and would request to have 3 CD's mailed out for airplay review...please hit me back at: Cheers! & Looking Forward!:-) Jamie
Myanna: Feel free to send me your product and I will give it a listen and get it on ASAP. I love New Product and so do my listeners. I have been on 22 years buying my own airtime and selling the ads to keep it on. I produce, program & Host my show. Nice R&B flavored Smooth Jazz at: send to: Mike Scott..2832 N. McCord Rd...Toledo, Ohio 43615 Have a great day!
There's not a single weak track among all that work, and there's simply no question that they consistently broke new ground musically. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.
hey. my name is also myanna ..isnt that awesome??
Nice to see a woman saxophonist! Keep up the good work, you rock
I love the band...I think the bass player is the sexiest most talented man I have ever seen. Would you please tell him?
It is so cool to see some one famos with my name. My mom thought she just made up a cool name for me. By the way I love our name.
I've an 8 year old grand niece and a Yamaha YAS-23 that I've been hoping to bond and the motivation is CDs of talented female jazz saxophonists. And oh wow are we fortunate that there are some really, really superb players to listen and learn from today. She gets all 3 of yours. Best wishes, Myanna.
Just won your album "One Never a jazz concert and are delighted. Although from CT originally and now residing in Florida, we have many jazz musician friends in both places and are familiar with Berklee. We had the pleasure of seeing Illinois Jacquet in Hartford, CT many years ago. We're delighted to hear a female sax player; the music is swinging and funky - what a delight.
Your Website,Excellant! I am the music sdvisor/ artist liaison:Jazz Festivals/Florida.
I just bought the latest CD and it's great. I'm 10 years old and I play the tenor saxophone-I was wondering if there is any sheet music to any of the songs-I would love to be able to learn them for myself-or one's from the Love Dogs. Or is there any advice/books that I could look into to improve my playing. I love the music-it rocks. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you-Shara
Myanna, just got the new CD and it sounds great! Hope to catch you with the Dogs sometime soon!
Myanna, I have heard you play several time on Cliff Island ( I am one of the O'Reilly Clan) DO you have any future plans to come and play on the island? We would love to have you back! Heidi
Hi, Myanna! We love your web site. This is so cool. We love the video clips. XOXOX da Woman.. I love your alto playing..I am going to buy the new CD. Peace..
Hi, I love the samples of the new CD on the site - I will spread the word on this side of the pond - hope this new one brings you the international attention you deserve! Cheers from Ireland - Carol
Hello Myanna,Thank You for the CD and your forward of the review.(2/11/05)I really love your music, your project turned out great. I kid you not, had to force myself to stop listening to our tracks.I did not want to tire of them, which is rare for me. I have appeared on so many recordings over the years, I try not to listen to them very much, I know that sounds strange but thats how I am. There are only a small select group of recordings I have made that I find enjoyable to listen to. Now two of yours are in that group. Take care of yourself & stay in touch. Sincerely Sa Davis
Very rare to find someone you've never heard of that plays so nice.Every thing I've listen to here is nice! I like the sound , style , and the mix is the way it should be. I've played sax since I was 9 yrs old. Music is such a blessing , and I thank God for the talent he has given me.
I'm in Tampa playin golf. Ha Ha! Checked out the site - Cool.
Hey who's that dorky farmer next to the hot nurse!
I'm already on your e-mailing list, and have been a fan of yours for years (have your first two CD's). I love your new website -- very nice!
looks great,one of these day's...good luck sweet
I love your music!
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